If You’re Hitting The Trails Without Tools, You’re Doing It Wrong

Off roading can take you to some pretty extreme places where you wouldn’t want to be left without a few essential tools in case of a breakdown or needed adjustment. Ian Johnson from Xtreme Offroad takes a few minutes to tell you why if you’re hitting the trails without these items…you’re doing it wrong!

Complete Set Of Sockets

You’ll want to keep a complete set of sockets handy, both deep and shallow. Also try and keep both metric and standard versions with a mix of 3/8″ and 1/2″ drives. This way, no matter what happens you’ll be prepared! Here’s link with several different options to consider:

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Another useful tool to make sure you always have in your vehicle is a wrench. Here is a link to some options of wrenches you might want to keep on hand:

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Pliers are a tool that you can always use. You may think you’ll be fine without them but trust us, keeping a pair in the truck won’t hurt. Here’s a few that will work:

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Cutters are another tool that it couldn’t hurt to have along for the ride. If you don’t already have a pair, here’s some you can check out:

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Test Lights

Test lights can come in handy more often than you would think. Here are a few that you should consider keeping in your vehicle for those unexpected issues:

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Wire Crimpers

Wire crimpers can be helpful in addition to the wire cutters. Some have two in one features but in case you need just crimpers, here are some we like:

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Hammers are an essential tool, especially while on the trail. If you don’t already have one in your vehicle and don’t want to spare one from the shop here are a few you can browse through:

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Vise Grip/Locking Pliers

A vice-grip, or locking pliers, is a must have in your tool bag. You don’t want anything falling or sliding where you can’t reach it. Here’s a few we suggest:

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Screwdrivers, probably the most useful and one of the most important tools to have in your offroad tool bag. Again, if you don’t want to snag one from the shop here’s a few good options to add to your collection:

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Extra Wire

You can never have too much wire, right? We don’t think so! You never know when you’ll need a bit extra so here’s some to add to your stash:

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Crimp Connectors

Crimp connectors…they make the job easier, especially in the middle of nowhere. So here are some connectors we’ve found that may be helpful:

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Last but certainly not least, fuses. Definitely helpful in a pinch and here’s a variety depending on what you’re looking for:

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