If You're Hitting The Trails Without These Spare Parts, You're Doing It Wrong!

You never know what may happen or where you may end up when you're out on the trails. Xtreme Off Road host, Ian Johnson, shows you how you MIGHT be doing it wrong if you're wheeling without these spare parts! At the end of the day, be prepared and have the right tools in your rig!

Spare Hoses & Fittings For Fuel, Oil And Cooling Systems
U-Joints For Driveshafts And Axels
Air Line & Solenoids
Fuses, Relays, And Circuit Breakers
6 Caps For For Ram Assist Steering & New Power Steering Pressure Hose
U-Joint Strap Kit
Miscellaneous Nuts And Bolts
Spare Driveshaft And Axle Shifts

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