Hyundai And Kia Recalling 200,000 Vehicles For Fire Risk, Nearly 4 Million For Engine Software Update

Hyundai and Kia have both recently issued big, voluntary recalls in the U.S. for millions of 2011 to 2018 car models, which have been the subject of hundreds of reports about engine bay fires.

However, most of the recall is just a software update to alert drivers that their engine might fail.

The recalls were announced earlier this week and cover around 4 million vehicles total. Both recalls are separated into two categories: One for an engine software update, which contains around 2 million vehicles between them both, and a smaller recall to evaluate the installation of high-pressure fuel tubes to the fuel pump outlet and potentially fix it. The recall to check the installation only covers about 100,000 vehicles per company, but, if installed the wrong way, fuel could leak from the tubes.

Hyundai vehicles, including all model year 2011-2018 Sonata and 2013-2018 Santa Fe Sport vehicles with engines produced in the U.S. are affected and Kia’s update spans nearly 1.7 million Optima, Sorento and Sportage models between 2011 and 2018.

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