How To Make Your Engine Shine

There are a ton of videos out there on how to clean your car. Everything from wheels to interior to chrome detail. If you want to make your paint shine, don’t worry there’s no shortage of tutorials out there. But what about your engine bay? Since a lot of people rarely look under the hood of their cars, it often goes neglected and therefore stays dirty. And considering it’s what makes your car run, you probably want to keep it in decent shape.

But, for those of us who do actually care about what’s under the hood, YouTuber ChrisFix put a video up to show everyone exactly how to correctly clean a car’s engine bay. And you don’t need a bunch of product and equipment. He uses simple, inexpensive tools and supplies. Chris walks us through the steps of washing and detailing the space where your engine sits, without damaging any sensitive components.

And just to make sure he’s covered all his bases, he also demonstrates the process on all sorts of different vehicles that vary in states of dirtiness. So whether your garage-kept ride just needs a refresher or your daily driver is in desperate need of some under-hood attention, you now have all the direction you need.