How to Give Your LS Engine a Facelift and the Right Way to Stop Your Truck

LS engines are widespread and receive love from engine enthusiasts globally. One reason the GM V8 is so popular is because finding quality parts like cylinder heads is never a problem.

No matter how the tow rating on your truck or SUV, it doesn’t matter if you can stop. Choosing quality brakes for your truck is one area you should never overlook.

How To Give Your LS Engine A Facelift

LS Classic Valve Covers | Summit Racing

LS engines have a face only GM could love, which is why disguising them as a classic Chevy or other Gm V8 is so popular, especially for swaps in classic trucks, muscle cars, and hot rods. LS Classic Valve Covers are the perfect starting point for an LS facelift. The cast aluminum covers fit directly to the cylinder heads for a leak-free seal. Even more, no clumsy adapters are needed! They’re available in small-block Chevy, big-block Chevy, and Chevy 409 styles.

The Right Way to Stop Your Truck

Power Stop’s Z36 Upgrade Kit | Summit Racing

Trucks and SUVs are killers when it comes to brakes because they haul and tow things, and weigh a ton. This means their brakes are subject to high temperatures and loads that reduce stopping power and wear out the components much faster. When it comes time to upgrade your truck’s brakes, look for a kit like Power Stop’s Z36 Upgrade Kit. This heavy-duty system has carbon-fiber-reinforced ceramic brake pads that provide severe-duty stopping power plus drilled and slotted rotors that keep brake temperature down. Trusted by enthusiasts, it’s the only way to stop your truck.

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