How to Apply to be Dodge’s “Chief Donut Maker”

Yes, “Chief Donut Maker” is a real job. And yes, Dodge will give one lucky winner a $150,000 salary and a full year to burn rubber at major muscle car events in a free Hellcat. Not bad for a company car.

No, you won’t be making the kind of donuts you’d find in a coffee shop. We’re talking the extra-large charred-out circles muscle car enthusiasts love to leave in an empty parking lot.

The job duties of the Chief Donut Maker include:
– Attending and being part of the action at muscle car shows in your SRT Hellcat
– Share your experience with fans on social media
– Regularly exiting your comfort zone for the adventure of a lifetime

But how does one apply to be Dodge’s Chief Donut Maker?

The first step is to fill out an initial application at Dodge Garage. Then you will be required to submit a 60-second video to show off why you should be Chief Donut Maker and represent the brotherhood of muscle. So get creative and be prepared to stand out!

From there, judges will choose 10 finalists to compete for the position in a reality television-like format where they will be put through “hot seat scenarios” until there will only be one man or woman left standing to claim the Hellcat and $150,000.

Some additional perks include meeting celebrities at premiere auto events, attending the Radford Racing School, and more.

Lastly, Dodge considers this position a “side hustle.” So you won’t even have to quit your regular job in the event that you win.

Video submissions are open until February 28th, and only the first 10,000 submissions will be considered.

Visit Dodge Garage for more information and to get started in the application process.

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