How Big Of A Christmas Tree Can YOUR Car Handle?

This guy took the challenge upon himself when he (or his kids) picked out a massive Christmas tree. You might think there would be a dilema with getting it home. Nope. Just strap the entire tree on the roof rack and head on your way!

Officers from the Sudbury, MA police department snapped a shot of the scene when they stopped the blue vehicle largely hidden under what appears to be one freaking gigantic conifer on Route 20.

In the caption, the department wrote: “Sudbury PD would like to remind you to transport your Holiday trees responsibly”. reported that despite beliefs there were several tresses on the vehicle, there was actually just a single tree on the small sedan. Although officers did pull the vehicle over, they left the family inside the car with given a warning in the “spirit of the holidays”. After the warning, the responding officer helped secure the tree in a safer way and marked it with caution tape so that the family could get themselves and their prized possession home without danger for everyone on the road.

So if you’re lucky enough to 1) find a tree that massive 2) have the means to be able to haul it home and 3) have a house or space big enough to house it, just remember to do it safely!

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