How A ’69 GTO That Needed Everything From Floors To Doors Was Saved From The Scrapyard!

This week on PowerNation we meet Anthony Rogers, a PowerNation viewr that has an awesome home collection.

He’s a tech at Nissan during the day but in his free time he has a garage of his own! He and his dad were able to save a 1969 Pontiac GTO that was on its way to the scrapyard and they decided to bring it back to life. His passion for cars started as a kid when he would hang out at his dads body shop and grandpa’s junkyard.

Anthony and his dad worked on a few cars together that he’s kept and says will never be for sale. One of the cars is a 1975 21 Datsun truck that belonged to his grandfather. They restored everything from the interior to the paint and turned it into a beautiful truck!