Hope For 5.4L 3V Mod Motor Fans

While driving an older truck might save you money on a car payment, it may cost you more when it comes to repairs and parts. If a broken part leaves you stranded, or worse, damages other parts on its way out, that’s when you have to start shelling out the big bucks.

The 5.4-liter 3-valve Ford is a great example of this. They were introduced in 2004 and replaced the 2-valve. Some of the main differences are in the cylinder head. There are 3 lobes for each cylinder on the camshaft. Two for the intake valves and one for the exhaust. There’s also the addition of variable valve timing. While that’s great for torque, it actually gave the engine an Achilles heal.

Symptoms of failing phasers are loss of fuel mileage, a ticking noise, and loss of power. A lot of people miss or ignore that though and keep driving which results in complete failure and lack of lubrication to the top of the engine.

But rather than scrapping or trading in your old pickup, PowerTrain Products has a better solution for you. They offer re-manufactured and updated 543 valves for just under $3,300. They also offer re-manufactured engines, transmissions, transfer cases and differentials for a wide range of vehicles. They have a great warranty and you can even step up to the no-fault warranty that will cover you for 5 years and unlimited miles regardless of the cause of failure.

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