Honda Officially Has The Fastest Lawnmower In The World

Honda has achieved the title of “Fastest Lawn Mower In The World” with the Mean Mower V2.

Honda just set a Guinness World Record for quickest acceleration on a lawn tractor. The Mean Mower V2 goes from zero to 100 mph in just 6.29 seconds and hit an unofficial 150 mph in testing.

The previous record was also set by Honda in 2014 with its original Mean Mower, a less aggressively modified riding tractor that had a 116 mph average top speed. At first glance, the Mean Mower V2 doesn’t look too different from its base model, the Honda HF2622. But if you look closer, the stance is a one-off tubular chassis made of TiG-welded T45 steel accentuated by gold-anodized, 10-inch wheels.

As for the powerplant? This beast is powered by a CBR1000 4-cylinder out of Honda’s top sportbike. It makes close to 200 HP and is backed by a six-speed driving a solid rear axle. Even though you can purchase Honda riding mowers in Europe and the US, There are no plans to offer a $100,000, 150mph version of the Mean Mower V2.

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