High School Student Welds Device That Could Save Lives In Active Shootings

It’s unfortunate that it’s come down to needing devices like this. This article isn’t published to start a debate on the topic but rather to highlight the ingenious invention from a high school student, his ability to weld and create each device himself, and his motivation to help save lives.

Justin Rivard is a teenager in western Wisconsin that has built a device that could save lives in the unfortunate event of an active shooter situation. Reports say he came up with the idea after noticing a potential flaw in the school’s emergency response plan. As schools across the nation are taking second looks at emergency plans and safety precautions, this could be a game-changer.

He’s called it the ‘Justinkase’ lock and it’s made with two steel plates cut to a specific shape. He then welds handles to them, and a rod and tube are welded on to connect the end place. Finally, a locking knob is added. You can then place them under doorways and the door can’t be opened verse the method being used now of placing a large object behind the door in hopes that it holds shut.

Principal Shannon Donnelly, thought the device was so useful she even pushed him to get a patent. While he had time in summer of 2017, he built enough devices for every classroom and conference room in the high school. What an awesome kid to use his free time for this project. The device retails for $95.