Have Yourself A Gin Over Harley Parts

Who would’ve ever thought of combining old motorcycle parts and a bottle of good gin? Well, Harley-Davidson restorer and parts dealer Uwe Ehinger did. And he now sells dry gin in bottles that have vintage Harley-Davidson parts in them. Ehinger is reported as “The Archaeologist” in the company’s press release because he goes all over the world in search of old Harleys and their parts. So he thought the gin would be a good home for his nickname.

For the first run of this unique gin, only three different bottles were available. Your choices were between the 1939 Flathead, 1947 Knucklehead, or 1962 Panhead. And inside each bottle are parts from that particular vintage motorcycle. Parts like camshafts, nuts, and rocker arms are what you could expect. But there’s no fear about the taste of motor oil or parts cleaner being mixed in with the gin. The parts are cleaned and then sealed with a tin alloy to make sure the liquor isn’t contaminated. The bottles come complete with vintage-style labels, a wrapper explaining how Ehinger found the particular motorcycle, and a tag with the parts’ serial numbers.

However, a bottle will set you back some cash. The first batch ran anywhere from just over $1,050 to somewhere around $1,300 at current exchange rates. And although you may think that’s too pricey for a bottle of liquor, there’s obviously a market, since that run is sold out. But if that’s something up your alley, Ehinger will be selling a second round and is taking orders.