Harley Davidson Jump Close Call!

Motorcycle stunts have long been a tradition over the course of American history. You’ve seen motorcycle stunts where they jump over trucks, canyons or whatever else is dangerous and crazy out there! Well not all of these stunts go as planned, and that goes for any type of stunt for that matter. Anytime you perform a risky jump, there’s ALWAYS a chance you might crash, that’s just how it is. There’s no such thing as a safe stunt.

The guy in this video driving a Harley Davidson is about to jump over a small ramp. It looks like he’s about to jump over 5 pickup trucks. As the Harley gets closer and closer, he finally goes over the first ramp. He makes it! Well..until he lands on the second ramp in which the impact causes him to lose control and bounce off his bike. This looks like it could’ve DEFINITELY been super bad but luckily the rider manages to get back on his bike and drive away unharmed! This obviously wasn’t apart of the original stunt but it could’ve definitely been a stunt on its own. Nice save!

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