Hack Can Sync Your Car’s Windshield Wipers With The Beat Of Your Music

Does it bother you when you’re driving in the rain and your windshield wipers are out of sync with whatever’s on the radio? Apparently it bothers some people. And it bothered YouTuber, Ian Charnas, enough to come up with this hack.

It’s a pretty complex hack and also not really a critical or particularly useful hack but hey, people want what they want. The reason windshield wipers are designed the way they are is so they can keep up the intensity of the rain, not the beat of your music. Who needs them flinging back and forth during a small drizzle?

If you’re interested in this idea in general, Charnas has put the intellectual property rights up for auction on eBay until October 26, at which point he’ll transfer the ownership of his provisional patent application (#62907689) to the winning bidder with the proceeds of the auction going to non-profit educational institutions.

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