Guy Who Drove Totaled Subaru Hundred Of Miles Says It’s Fine, He Was Wearing Safety Glasses

It's safe to say that virtually everyone in an emergency services profession has a "things you can't make up" story or…

Posted by Montana Highway Patrol on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

You know when it’s winter and you’re running late and don’t wait on your car to defrost so you drive through your neighborhood peering through the smallest clear patch? That’s got nothing on this guy. You can say you’ve heard (and seen) it all now because that’s exactly what the Montana Highway Patrol officers said when they pulled this guy over.

An officer pulled over a Subaru Outback near Anaconda, Montana and found that not only could the driver not see out of the busted windshield, but the entire front end was pretty well smashed up. The driver said he’d driven through several states just peering through a small hole in the windshield. 

Is that wildly unsafe? Of course. But don’t worry, the driver told the officer he was fine as he was protecting his eyes by wearing safety glasses to prevent shards of safety glass from blowing into the car and damaging his eyes.

The officer shut down the road trip and got the Subaru was loaded onto a flatbed and hauled to wherever it was headed.

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