Guy Tries To Run Across The Street But Runs Straight Into Traffic

Most people were taught “look both ways before crossing the street” or “don’t cross until the walk sign is on”. But this guy either wasn’t taught that, didn’t care, or was in a hurry to get outta wherever he came from. Police in Bellevue, Washington are looking for the guy in the video. He’s described as a “juvenile” who was carrying a skateboard. He tried to race across an intersection against the light but as you can tell, it didn’t exactly work out for him.
,br> He looks to be unharmed (at least anything major) but unfortunately for the Tesla Model X that he ran into, it wasn’t the same story. The car was left with dents to its side panels and some damage to its driver’s side mirror. You never think that’s how you’re going to damage your vehicle – by getting run into by some kid.