Guy Tired Of Waiting For Parts Fixes C8 Door With Ramen Noodles

When you think bodywork, you typically don’t think food items. But YouTuber Judahs Garage was tired of waiting parts for his C8 so he decided to get creative.

While the car was completely totaled when he bought it, he invested time, effort, and parts to get it back on the road. As any project has, there were a few hiccups. One being that the Chevy dealership did not properly process his parts order which resulted in a re-order. The parts mentioned were front frame rails, a rocker panel and a passenger side door.

While waiting for the re-ordered part, Judah’s Garage decided to take a crack at repairing the C8 door on his own. Without proper parts, he looked at what he had laying around that may work fix the chipped fiberglass.

Judah’s Garage credited other online DIYers with using ramen noodle packages to repair everything from furniture to flooring so he figured why not.

And sure enough, with some super glue, bondo, and a few packs of ramen, the job was done! With that being said, this obviously isn’t a lifetime fix. The C8 Corvette parts will be delivered soon and the noodle door will be a thing of the past. However ridiculous the actual idea, it made for a heck of a DIY video!

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