Guy Loses His Mind Trying To Get His Grand Cherokee Out Of Snow

Here’s your good laugh for the day. Unless you’re the guy driving. It should be mentioned there’s some minor language, so if you’re watching at work, leave the earbuds in.

From what we can gather this guy has driven into some snow and/or ice on a residential street. He tries everything to get that Jeep Grand Cherokee unstuck…flooring it, swearing at it, reversing and trying again with more speed. You almost have to kind of feel bad for the guy. Almost. Except when you know flooring it isn’t going to help but he tries that method for the next 7 minutes. And then when he tries that “reverse it” tactic, he decides jumping out while the car is moving is the best plan. Not so much.

And what do you know, swearing at the Jeep, as well as a passerby, doesn’t help either. It seems obvious that if he just went a little farther in reverse he’d get out of that snow mess and get some traction. But who are we to tell him what to do.

Finally, after more turmoil than anyone should have to endure for that amount of snow, he figures out flooring it a little more gets the snow to turn him loose. Thanks for the entertainment, guy.

The original poster wanted these points noted for all you critical viewers out there:

1. Angry Man was offered assistance by several passersby; whom he cursed out profusely (that’s what garnered my attention from inside.)
2. My neighbors and I actively help people who get stuck on our hill, including each other. This hill is treacherous when un-plowed.
3. A Toyota Prius climbed the hill, unassisted.