Guy Almost Gets Taken Out By Blower

This might be the closest “near miss” ever caught on film at a drag strip. And no, we’re not talking a near crash. This guy is nearly killed by a flying hunk of supercharger. The most insane part is the fact that the guy who was almost decapitated by the flying parts managed to capture the whole thing on his own camera.

It was filmed by Randy while he was at Alaska Raceway and you may need to watch it more than once to fully appreciate what happened. The driver involved in this is John Dixon behind the wheel of the Trophy Hunter AA/FA. He completes his burnout and backs up with no problems. Staging the car went fine too, but problems started when it came to the launch. The machine explodes in a fireball, which is insane enough on its own. But the blower explosion is so violent it literally blows the case apart. A huge chunk of it flies off and heads almost directly in the direction of Randy and his camera. You can see how close Randy came to being seriously injured, if not death. Luckily both him and Dixon walked away unhurt. You know when you stand next to high-powered drag racing cars to shoot photos/video you’re in for a thrill and maybe a scare.

Katie features a gorgeous restoration of a rare 1967 Jaguar Type E Roadster this week on PowerNation. The car had sat in pieces and in boxes in a storage unit for years before owners Lee Scott and Jeanne Beauchamp decided to restore it. They turned to T.C. Penick and Bay One Customs and the guys hit a home run! And even more challenging; the owners wanted it period correct. T.C. and his team transformed the rare roadster in a three-year build with over 2000 man hours, back to better than new with a 4.2-liter engine with a 4 speed. The car only has 30,000 miles on it.

Lee picked Glasuret “Opalescence Blue” and it hints silver and blue depending on where and when you look at it. The leather interior was created by BAS with the original stitch in the seats just like in 1967. Bay One installed the interior along with period correct gauges they had to fly to England for their restoration. Although Lee passed away before the car was completed, Jeanne says she plans to drive and enjoy the Jag they way it was meant to be. It’s a beautiful display of craftsmanship! Check it out this week on PowerNation.