GT vs. ZR1, BMW Drift Stunt, Monster Mini, Autonomous Car With Eyes, And The First Electric MX Bike

Today on PND…
• A Ford GT vs. ZR1 On The 1/4 Mile
• BMW Is Improving Its Drift Game
• A Monster Mini You Won’t Want To Miss
• Jaguar’s New Autonomous Vehicle Has Human-Like Eyes
• And The First Electric MX Bike Makes Its Debut In A Pro Race

GT vs. ZR1
This is a race to watch! A stock GT with a 3.5-liter V6 Ecoboost putting out 647 HP and 550 lb.-ft. TQ under the hood goes up against a stock ZR1 – 6.2-liter supercharged V8 with 755 HP + 715 lb.-ft. TQ. You might assume the ZR1 is the winner hands down. But with the GT weighing in 200 pounds lighter than the ZR1, it throws a twist in the game. DragTimes YouTube account posted the two at the 1/4 mile and after 3 runs, the GT won all 3!

Drifting BMWs
Drifting not just for Hondas and Nissans anymore! BMW has decided to get in on the drifting records. Earlier this year, an M5 broke the longest drift record at 323.5 continuous miles. Now the automkaer is trying to break records previously broken by humans…all while drifting. The first challenge is cutting straw poles in 60 seconds. In order to make that happen, they strapped a sword to the bumper and drifted while chopping poles!

Monster Mini
Check out this Honda-powered Mini Cooper! Although it’s not unusual mod, this one is special because this thing is FAST. It houses a B16 Honda VTEC 1.6-liter engine with GT3076R turbocharger and puts out 360 horsepower. The builder is a 22-year-old with the YouTube handle Living Life Fast and he reportedly plans boost it to at least 500+ HP! Talk about awesome!

Autonomous Jaguar
This is an odd vehicle. Jaguar/Land Rover have built an autonomous car/pod. And while those are popping up all over the place, this vehicle has human-looking eyes on the front called “virtual eyes”. They’re used to understand how humans trust self-driving vehicles that might be out on the road. The pods run autonomously and seek out pedestrians, appearing to be “looking at them” to study their behavior. The pod then communicates whether or not it will make a move so humans can react in hopes people will be more trusting of autonomous vehicles.

Electric Motorcross Bike
The first electric motorcross bike to run in a professional race was built by Alta Motors and driven by Josh Hill at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm. Hill qualified 5th and finished 4th which isn’t too shabby! And the best part is, no more air filter cleaning, oil changing, gas filling…only charging! Do you think this will take off or does the sport center on the ICE engines?

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