Grand Theft Auto Gone So Wrong

This guy is probably regretting his decisions right about now. While attempting to steal a pickup from a restaurant parking lot (in broad daylight) he couldn’t get the hotwiring to work and got trapped inside by a group of Good Samaritans that were nearby. And they locked him inside until the cops arrived.

The Drive reports that several people in the restaurant noticed the guy attempting to get in the truck and went outside to see what the deal was. Hey, maybe he just got locked out and needed some help? But nope, the group watched as the guy proceeded to lock himself in the truck, and then not be able to start it. Embarrassing.

So the guys get on either side of the truck and call the cops – all while the “thief” is inside continuing to try and start the truck. I guess at that point there’s no reason to try and get caught, but why still try and hotwire it? After a few minutes the cops show up, ask him to get out of the truck, and he refuses. Dude, you’ve been caught. You’re not getting out of this one!

So finally they have no choice but to break a window and taser the guy to take him out. And if you’re thinking the taser is a little much, check out the knife he drops as they get him into cuffs. And there were apparently several more knives and bullets on his person. So thankfully these guys stepped into action and stopped him when they did.