Gearhead Revives 1956 Chevy Hot Rod Burned In The California Wildfires

Photos Courtesy of Wheelwell

Last year, California suffered devasting wildfires that claimed homes, land, and several classic cars. However, one resident is bouncing back and was able to restore some of this loss. Johnson said the car is here today because he moved it from his shop into the center of his driveway.

Wheelwell reports that Steve Johnson of Santa Rosa, lost not only his shop and tools but also a Chevelle, a Corvette, and several others. He was able to revive his 56 Chevy 210 Gasser though. He threw on a new set of tires, a new motor and ran some fuel lines and it may be even cooler now.

The windshield held in place with duct tape because the rubber seals melted away and the interior looks like a fire ran through it (because it did…), but there is a heck of a story behind this car now.

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