Ford Will No Longer Produce The Fusion In North America

There have been rumors circulating as to whether or not the Ford Fusion will move the production of the next-generation Fusion mid-size sedan to China instead of Mexico where it is currently produced.

Ford has built the Fusion in North America up until now. But as of 2020, MotorTrend reports that Ford has told its suppliers, the third generation will not be built in Mexico. The automaker also released a statement saying it won’t export the next-gen Fusion from China to North America and Europe, which raises the question of whether or not Ford will still sell the Fusion in America.

If Ford decides to not keep the Fusion in the North American lineup it would be the highest-volume car to go out of production in a single region. Sales of the current car are down 22 percent in the United States through November, highlighting the general decline in the market for passenger car sales.

Ford said there will be fewer nameplates in the future, although it didn’t say which current nameplates would be cut. The move is part of the automaker’s reaction to the consumer shift to SUVs, pickup trucks and electric cars, which they see Foas permanent. What are your thoughts?