Ford May Add an “Escape Room” Feature to the Mustang Mach-E

Implementing new technology into vehicles has been a constant process in their evolution. These days seeing a car with a built-in CD player is considered ancient. Now Ford has announced a new feature that would allow you to transform a Mustang Mach-E into its own escape room.

Just like the real interactive puzzle games, this feature will give players clues and instructions to complete a mission they’ve been assigned. This includes searching for letters and numbers found throughout the vehicle, as well as giving the game some control over the vehicle like the air-conditioning, speakers, and electric seats to boost the playability of the game.

The escape room concept is still in its beginning stages, but you can watch a sample of what players would be in for in the video above.

By utilizing its touch-screen software and Apple CarPlay capabilities, the demo leans into a spy-themed storyline where players must solve riddles and arrive at locations in order to complete the mission.

As an added safety measure, players can exit the vehicle anytime without forfeiting the game. Plus, if the electric version of the car is in motion, the game cannot control its speakers or heating system.

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