Ford is Starting Production on This Pickup That Will Start Under $20,000

Ford Maverick Leak Photo Credit: Maverick Truck Club

Ford Motors is starting production of its newest pickup in Mexico known as the “C-Pick Up,” which is going to be smaller than the current production Ranger. This is good news for those seeking a smaller pickup truck. What’s even better news is that it’ll have a small price tag to match its smaller size. Reports have described the base models as starting below $20,000.

Investors were alerted of the news this past week in the automaker’s monthly production data as the “C-Pick Up” is being produced at a plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. By the end of February, only 21 pickups were assembled, which indicates early prototype models that’ll be used for testing purposes. A Ford spokesman declined to comment on the matter.

With gas prices soaring and a market that still desires trucks, Ford must have had a crystal ball to come up with this design. Ford trucks are by far the most popular in the United States. Adding an alternative to their arsenal to combat some of the higher fuel prices is genius, and not something we thought about a few months ago. It’ll be welcomed by Ford enthusiasts and could be a gateway for new customers.

Although a lot of current information floating around the news is purely speculative, we expect “C-Pick Up” to stand for “compact pickup and, as mentioned above, is set to expand the company’s profitable truck business. The truck will be sold in the United States and other markets in South America where compact pickups are more desirable.

2020 Ford Ranger | Photo Credit: Ford

CEO of Ford, Jim Farley, described Ford “investing in more affordable versions” of the company’s trucks. “Expect new nameplates below where we compete today.”

During a Deutsche Bank investor conference in January 2019, Farley is quoted saying “when you think about Ford, we have a dominant truck franchise globally, that’s vans, pickups, and now we’re going to dramatically enhance our utility lineup around the globe.” He added, “that’s what’s going to drive together our global profitability over the next few years.”

Brilliance typically lies at the top in business, and men of his stature don’t reach their positions without taking risks. Although they’re adding a utility pickup, Ford has a name that demands respect around the world and will likely succeed in their new venture. Even for those who prefer other brands, Ford is still a name they respect.

The pickup will be produced in the same plant as the new Ford Bronco SUV Sport, meaning the pickup will likely share the vehicle’s underpinnings and platform. POWERNATION reported on leaked photos of a “Ford Maverick” that might be the future of trucks. If this is the same truck, it could be released by the end of the year.

2020 Ford Bronco Sport | Photo Credit: Ford

According to Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds’ executive director of insights, the auto industry needs more affordable pickups, considering some F-Series models can exceed $100,000. While that might appeal to some, others can only dream about such an extravagant purchase. However, despite the need, Caldwell doesn’t believe the truck will sell large volumes in the United States.

“It’s extremely hard to find a well-priced truck that is somewhat new.” I think for Ford it definitely makes sense, especially since they’ve got rid of a lot of their passenger cars. So, they definitely need something that’s going to be at a lower price point for consumers”

Face it, we’re living in different times, and going out to purchase a vehicle is more the equivalence of purchasing a home rather than something like a lawnmower. At this price point, it should help Ford continue to establish dominance in the truck market, but only time will tell.

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