Ford Files Trademark Application For “F-200”, Suggesting That A New Pickup Truck Is In The Works

For 46 consecutive years, Ford’s F-Series has been the top-selling pickup truck in the United States. To keep that momentum going, companies like Ford must constantly progress and innovate their line of trucks if they want to stay on top. This is evident when Ford Motor Company applied to trademark “F-200” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Will The F-200 Be Gas-Powered or Electric?

While the trademark is still “under processing”, many Ford fans believe that the possibility of a F-200 may allude to the company’s previously-teased T3 electric pickup truck.

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Ford CEO Jim Farley has hinted at the development of a bigger brother to the F-150 Lightning more than once by describing it as a “Millennium Falcon with a porch attached.” The rumored vision of the supposed F-200 would be that of a truck meant for the modern digital age, and will constantly receive new updates and features online.

Because Ford has high hopes for its line of EVs in the future, it has been dedicating much of its time and resources to growing its electric line of sedans and trucks. However, it also means that they have a lot of ground to cover as EV sales are dropping throughout the market, and Ford had reported to have suffered a $1.1 billion loss because of it in 2022.

What Does T3 Stand For?

Project T3, which stands for “Trust The Truck”, is aimed to be a more durable version of the F-150 Lightning with a focus on a work truck with more refined load technology, a larger onboard generator, and in-truck electrical outlets. The truck’s physical size remains unknown, though many online users believe it would slide in as more of a midsize truck like the Ford Ranger.

Of course, it is always possible that the F-200 could also potentially be a new gas-powered pickup truck. However, there have not been any previous hints suggesting otherwise.

Naturally, the trademark application does not reveal any additional information on Ford’s plans for the F-200 name. But as long as they own the trademark, that appears to be all that matters at the moment.

It is not uncommon for automakers like Ford to file trademarks and patents just for the sake of having. Some intellectual property doesn’t even get used. They are just simply filed to protect the actual idea in case they ever need it before the competition does.

Fans can expect Ford to unveil the mystery T3 truck in 2024 at its new EV factory, BlueOval City, in Stanton, TN.

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