Ford Fiesta And Focus Owners Be On The Lookout For Your Settlement Award Notice

Earlier this year a federal judge approved a Ford Motor Co. class-action settlement. It will result in Ford repurchasing defective vehicles for as much as $22,000 apiece. All 2011-2016 Fiestas and 2012-2016 Focuses are equipped with the faulty Powershift transmission except for those fitted with manual gearboxes. And now, one of the law firms representing the suit says the first settlement notices are in the mail. This means that affected Ford owners may soon find out if they will receive thousands of dollars.


It’s thought over two million Americans have owned one of the vehicles implicated in the suit. It’s being reported that some Ford dealers have declined to fix the transmissions under warranty which is a denial of service that could be worth money to owners in the suit as well.

If you think your vehicle is affected, it’s definitely worth checking out. The Detroit Free Press talked to Tarek Zohdy, senior counsel at Capstone Law, one of the suit’s representative firms who said, “Don’t leave anything on the table. Almost everybody is entitled to something through this settlement”.

Even if you didn’t previously file the arbitration notice necessary to claim compensation, you may still receive settlement notices. However, filing an arbitration notice must be done by October 6 for owners to get a cut of the settlement.

If you’re wondering how much money you might receive, payments will range from $20 inconvenience checks cut for denied services all the way up to complete vehicle buybacks.

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