Ford Designers Can Use Hologram Goggles

Ford is stepping up its game when it comes to technology. Now Ford designers can put on 3D goggles and see an entire car in the middle of the office. The designers are working with Microsoft’s Hololens goggles software that is created specifically for the task of designing cars. With the goggles, designers in different offices can see and work on the same project at the same time.

Car designers already use 3D computer models but they’re confined to screens. With the Hololens designers can put on a headset and the virtual vehicle appears in front of them.

Before the goggles, if designers wanted to see how a new grill or taillight design would look, they had to print it out on paper and tape it down over a full-sized existing model. As of now, the Hololens is still in the experimental stage at Ford, according to CNN but designers in Dearborn have worked with it and the technology is starting to be introduced globally.

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In a 6 year labor of love, he did lots of body modifications to get the stance he wanted and dropped in an LS-1 with an Edelbrock supercharger making around 580 horsepower. That striking color is a three-stage Matrix paint called “Soul Red”. Pro Auto Interiors handled the interior and it is, of course, Great 8 quality. He named it “Transitions” because of all the changes it’s been thought. By the way, this is Larry’s 2nd Ridler Great 8 award winner, amazing work for a small Knoxville, Tennessee shop!