Footage From Driving Through The California Fires Show How Dangerous It Really Is

Yet another round of nasty conditions from Mother Nature has hit the U.S. and this time they’ve taken aim at the west coast. Specifically California. The Golden State is quickly being engulfed by wildfires and that means emergency responders are in dangerous conditions. The Sonoma County Sherriff’s office posted a video to their Facebook page to show what their officers are up against.

They mentioned in their post that this particular stretch of roadway was in the area of Franz Valley Rd at the fire’s entrance. And for being the “beginning” of the fire, look how intense that is. You can see flying embers flying through the air and sliding down the windshield. Not exactly what you want to see when you’re in the driver’s seat. The dispatcher reports that the firefighters and personnel in the middle of it all have no way of knowing exactly which way the fires are headed and there’s so many continuing to pop up that it’s getting hard to keep track. This footage is eerily similar to the footage we saw from the fires just last year that took over the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

Our thoughts go out to all the emergency responders and law enforcement that are out there trying to put these fires out and hope everyone that’s affected by these gets to safety.

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