Foose Hemisfear!

Foose Hemisfear!- PowerNation 2017 Week #16

This week on PowerNation we’re honored to have the Chip Foose designed and built Hemisfear! A groundbreaking coupe that some people believe inspired a whole new concept of car category; think Prowler, PT Cruiser, SSR and HHR. Our good friend Steve Mank from Conestoga Motors is Katie’s guest and he’ll talk about how this was Chip’s college art final. Yeah most of us just wrote a term paper right? Not for Chip. In 1990 Chrysler sponsored a graduation project where the students designed a concept car for niche market.

He created a 1:5 scale model of Hemisfear, but no further production happened. In 2005 Chip finally had the resources and the time to realize his college dream and two Hemisfear Coupes debuted at the 2006 SEMA show to overwhelming accolades. In total 5 were built. Steve will talk about his close relationship with Chip and how much he has learned from the master. Also this week will hand over the keys of our Cragar Camaro to the lucky winner as well as deliver 2 hours of serious car and truck tech to you from our shops. Lot’s going on so make sure you tune in.