Finding The Best Paint For Your Project

No matter what you have in your garage, chances are you’ll need to paint something whether it be bare metal, car parts or an entire vehicle. There are several paint systems you can choose from for your application.

Everyone’s used a spray can at some point. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to get color down. And although we have a spray booth available, sometimes a rattle can gets the job done. It’s a one-part system meaning the paint cures via air dry with no chemical interactions. We use it for engine parts, interior items, and undercarriages.

Single-stage means that the base and clear coat are mixed together. We used single-stage on Project RedTide where our base color required an activator and hardener to make it more durable and provide a high film build. Since single-stage paint is a one-step process, it’s more cost-effective and a quicker process across the board. Restoration shops often use single-stage to try and reproduce the old, classic look.

Lastly is the two-stage system. A base coat first with a clear coat after. The base coat doesn’t provide any strength or durability and is applied for color coverage only. The second clear coat is what’s applied for strength, shine, and durability. The base coat can be a one-part air drying cure while the clear coat is a two-part requiring a hardener for the curing. Base and clear coat systems are often used when painting with metallics. It allows the base to be sprayed properly and eliminate blotches. It’s also a more labor-intensive and expensive process.

Each system has it’s own pros and cons but all work great when applied correctly.

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