Ferrari Loses Control and Slams Into A Lamborghini In The Rain

Rain can be the worst enemy when driving a car, for various reasons. There are countless situations where cars on the road lose traction and begin to slide into other vehicles causing a pretty bad accident. This not only applies to regular cars on the road but also race cars during race situations also. Besides getting great tires and making sure your car can handle wet conditions, there’s really only so much one can do to prevent sliding situations, so it’s best to just make sure you slow down when it’s raining.

Everybody knows how much Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s cost and yeah they’re not cheap! What’s worse, is that means they’re really really expensive to fix also, so the crash in this video is all the more cringe worthy. Whatever is going here, this Ferrari is trying to do some drifting or something crazy in a rainy parking lot. Not sure where the Ferrari was even trying to drive to because it almost looks like it was headed directly towards the Lamborghini to begin with. The Ferrari slides and loses complete control and smashes into the Lambo and it looks pretty bad! That definitely wasn’t a cheap fix! What a fail!