Family Fends Off Catalytic Converter Thieves with Paintball Guns

There has been a surge in catalytic converter thefts in recent years due to the fact that these parts contain several rare earth chemicals that fetch a high price. The problem has only escalated with the ongoing supply chain issues for automotive parts.

Apparently, all it takes is a hand-held mini chainsaw to remove a catalytic converter, and one California family has had enough of this crime spree.

According to a report by ABC 10 News, a family in Turlock, CA fought off a team of thieves from making off with their Ford Excursion’s catalytic converter in a rather colorful way. The family says that this was the seventh time thieves have tried to make off with the part, and they had finally had enough.

Video of the incident was captured by the family’s security camera showing two men crawling under the SUV. As they begin to saw off the catalytic converter, they set off the alarm, alerting the family and cutting their scheme short.

Soon, family members residing in the home chased off the pair of thieves with as a firing squad wielding paint ball guns.

The two men fled the scene into their getaway car which was being driven by an unknown third person.

Even though the family prevented the thieves from nearly making off with their catalytic converter, police strongly recommend not resorting to these kinds of tactics in an effort to prevent incidents from becoming more serious.

Despite being caught on camera and shot up with paintballs, the men seen in the video remain unknown.

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