Florida Resident “Surprised” Police Seized Her Dodge Charger After She Customized It To Look Like a Patrol Car

fake florida highway patrol dodge charger

A Florida woman is in some very hot water with authorities after attempting to disguise her Dodge Charger as a Florida Highway Patrol vehicle. When the FHP pulled her over, she tried to justify the wrap on her car because she “fell in love with the color scheme.”

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The Fake Police Dodge Charger

While out on a separate traffic stop, FHP troopers took notice of the car. Detecting something was off about it, they finished their current stop quickly to pursue the Dodge Charger. While the colors were identical to that of a real FHP vehicle, it was the words “FSO GUARD” and a false badge graphic that made it a peculiar case.

When they spoke to the 28-year-old woman driving the car, she said that she purchased the car this way. It was also revealed that she is the owner of a security company, which explains the blue and white light bar located on the top of the Dodge Charger. Unfortunately for her, non-police vehicles are not allowed to bear the same color schemes as real emergency vehicles in the state of Florida.

What Happened Next?

After her vehicle was confiscated and impounded by police, she is facing a list of charges for intentionally disguising her car to imitate a real Florida Highway Patrol vehicle.

While imitating an FHP vehicle is a first-degree misdemeanor in Florida, the woman is also facing some additional charges for lack of insurance and misuse of a dealer license plate.

The company that provided the wrap on this Dodge Charger could be facing charges as well. According to the law, a person cannot color or “cause to be colored any motor vehicle” in a way that would appear as an imitation of an FHP vehicle.

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