F-250 Speeds, All Electric Corvette, Russian Tank Crash, Barbie Jeep Mods, And Makeshift Farmkhana

Today on PowerNation Daily…

– A Dealer That Told A F-250 Owner His Truck Wasn’t Designed For Speeds Over 65 mph
– Genovation Extreme Electric Introduces Its New Electric Corvette
– A Russian Guy Steals A Tank To Help Steal Bottles Of Wine
– A Barbie Jeep That Gets Serious Mods
– And Jeremy Clarkson Attempts His Own “Farmkhana”

This week Gannon heads out to Milestone Paint & Body in Mt. Juliet, TN. He talks to owner Jacob Miles who has been creating exceptional car and truck builds from his nostalgic themed shop for years. He’s a former Navy Presidential Ceremonial Guard and definitely focused on every aspect of his build details. One build, in particular, is the ’66 Corvette that his dad had complete with the bill of sale and a build sheet with original numbers! They kept it classic but added a Milestone twist – something you definitely want to check out!