Exactly Why Car Keys And Fobs Will Probably Never Go Away

In theory, having everything linked through our technology sounds awesome. Until it glitches or doesn’t work correctly. Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, announced that the new P30 smart phone being released is constructed to work as an entry key for your car. Sounds good right? Not having to dig out your keys from your purse or pocket. Not so fast.

For this to work, the Huawei system just needs you to press your phone up against the door handle for it to unlock. You save the signature of your car’s key into your phone, and then you can leave the keys at home. It already will work on a number of new Audis, with BMW coming soon and several other manufacturers lined up. Yu also mentions that the phone can unlock your home doors or office doors if you want. But what about when your phone dies…or gets lost…or doesn’t work in general (like the video below)…

Watching these two guys mess with the phone is frustrating knowing you could have clicked your key fob or input a physical key and been in your car in half the time. Are you a fan of technology linking everything or are you cool with carrying your keys around?

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