EFI With an Old School Look and How to Choose a Truck Rack

We all know that EFI is the way to go if performance is the objective, but sometimes we just want that classic look only a carburetor can offer. Fortunately, there is a way to maintain that past look with modern performance.

Nothing is better than a truck rack that not only looks good but performs its functions and offers a lifetime warranty to keep your mind at ease when using it.

How to Go EFI But Maintain a Classic Look

FiTech’s Go EFI Classic Fuel Injection System | Summit Racing

If you’re seeking performance out of your engine, obviously your first choice will be EFI. However, if you’re old school and want to maintain that classic carbureted induction system look, you’re in luck. FiTech’s Go EFI Classic fuel injection system is unique. FiTech designed the throttle body with hidden injectors and a remote-mount ECU to resemble your favorite four-barrel carburetor. It even offers the classic “carburetor gold” finish. You get to show off that old-school look and get the drivability benefits of FiTech’s self-learning EFI system.

How Do I Choose a Truck Rack?

Thule TrucRac | Summit Racing

Whether it’s during the week and you’re hauling materials to work or it’s the weekend and you’re ready to bring out the camping gear, cargo racks come in handy. If you’re in the market to purchase one, you should look for things like corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, adjustability for different-size cargos, built-in tie-down points, and accessory mounts, and no-drill installation. These all make the perfect truck rack, and you’ll find these features in a Thule TrucRac or XSporter truck rack. Even better, these come with a lifetime warranty.

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