‘Dukes of Hazzard’ Star’s New Film To Include Confederate Flag Controversy

John Schneider, who starred as Bo Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard series from 1979 to 1985 is paying tribute to the show, and including the beloved General Lee.

In order to make the tribute possible, he shot an independent film named “Christmas Cars”. Schneider owns a production studio with his wife, Alicia Allain. The couple set out on a mission to make a film that brought luster and excitement back to the franchise.

Schneider told Fox News Auto, “This tastes like the ‘Dukes,’ it’s music like the ‘Dukes,’ we have a balladeer, Johnny Lee, who basically took over Waylon’s place. And it’s fantastic. It’s designed – it was written specifically for the people who say, ‘Hey, is ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ going to do a reboot?'”

The gist of the movie is a down-and-out former TV star and current shop owner (played by Schneider) who re-opens his store and sells die-cast replicas of the General Lee for the 40th anniversary of the series.

The character sells out of his inventory only for someone to come along and bash the special, while the Internet claims that the vehicle and the flag painted on its roof signify racist agendas all while persuading people to boycott him because he and his show and his car are the universal sign of intolerance and racism.

However, Schneider has said he disagrees with the idea that the flag on the car signifies a symbol of racism saying:

“If the flag on that car when we did that show represented inequality or racism in any regard, Uncle Jesse would have made us scratch it off with our teeth. And people know that. But people are also led around by social media. We have a line in the movie where my barber – Floyd, the Barber–says, ‘People don’t think what they think anymore, they think what they’re told to think.’”

If you’re interested in the new film, copies of the “Christmas Cars” can be purchased directly from Schneider and will begin shipping the week of Nov. 25.

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