Driveway Rescue, BMW Ghost Rider, Random Airbag Deploys, Residential Tunnels, And Augmented Reality Windshields

Today on PND…
• How To Get Help On Your Ride
• BMW Unveiled Its Riderless Motorcycle
• Chevy Colorado ZR2 Air Bags Keep Deploying On Off-Road Trails
• It May Soon Be Possible To Never Have To Drive Through Your Neighborhood Again
• And Porsche Is Investing In Augmented Reality Windshields

RockAuto Driveway Rescue
Sometimes you just don’t know the next step on your project car. But the hosts of PowerNation do! They can help you get your project back on track with the help of All you have to do is enter your vehicle on Driveway Rescue. RockAuto provides all the parts our team needs to give you a hand. Our last rescue was a 1967 Chevelle Convertible that Marc and Tommy were able to get up and running! So if you think you could use some help, fill out the application under the Driveway Rescue Tab at

BMW Ghost Rider
Autonomous cars are becoming more and more relevant so why not bikes? BMW’s Motorrad Division unveiled its Autonomous Adventure bike. The RS1200 test model can ride on a track and even park itself after 2 years in production. BMW isn’t the only one with this concept in the works, Yamaha and Honda also have something in mind. And although BMW doesn’t plan to see the bike immediately, it hopes it can learn and understand the movements of the rider to help optimize safety systems.

Faulty Air Bags
If you buy a truck with the hopes of using it off-road, you want it to be able to stand up to the wear and tear right? Well, several people’s Chevrolet Colorado ZR2s have airbags that are deploying on mild off-road trails with no real impact or reason why. People have posted videos of the airbags deploying and while Chevrolet is aware of the issue and has reportedly said it will happen “on rare occasions if the vehicle predicts its about to roll on its side”, there isn’t anything being done about it. Have you had this happen, do you think Chevy should be responsible for fixing this?

Personal Tunnels
Elon Musk has made it his personal mission to get rid of wasted travel time and traffic. It’s why he founded The Boring Company with the hopes of creating tunnels underground to transport people and/or vehicles. And just this month The Boring Company got approval to start construction of a tunnel on its first residential property. The test tunnel will run from SpaceX to a property a few miles away from where the tunnel will exit in a garage, never using roads above grounds. So in theory, you could enter your garage one day without ever having to drive down your street/

Reality Windshield
If you like all the stats and information available on the screen while you play racing video games, you may soon have that option. Porsche has invested millions with the tech firm Way Ray to develop augmented reality displays for windshields. With this technolo,gy the driver would have floating information like speed, construction zones, and parking spots floating on their window. It’s a mix of VR and real life and would hopefully get more information to drivers without people having to look at screens or their phones.

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