Driver That Didn’t Follow The “Move Over” Law Almost Loses His Life

The Move Over Law is in effect in several states across the country. And for a good reason. Tow truck driver, Danny Williams, tells us just how dangerous the job of helping stranded drivers on the side of the highway can be. He says he has had to jump up on the bed of his truck several times just to avoid being hit by drivers that don’t move over to the far lane.

And although it’s a law in several states, it should be a common driving courtesy to move over if you see a truck, car, or any other vehicle or people on the side of the road. While helping repair a car or get it on the tow truck people are walking on the side of the interstate and cars flying by at 55+ mph makes it extremely unsafe.

The driver of this car tried to go around a stalled car that receiving help from a tow truck driver and instead slammed into the back of the tow truck which sheared the top of the car right off. Luckily, the driver walked away with only minor injuries. But that should be a lesson to all drivers: move over whenever possible, slow down if you’re not able to, and take extra caution around vehicles on the side of the road to make sure everyone is able to go home at the end of the day.