Driver Asks Officer For Warning After Going 120 MPH In Construction Zone

Driving double the posted speed limit will almost certainly get you a ticket. But driving that fast in a construction zone with workers present? That will most definitely get you a hefty ticket.

But this Infiniti Q driver ended up pulled over by the Indiana State Police for traveling 120 miles per hour just outside Indianapolis where the posted speed limit is 60 mph.

Trooper Nick Klingkammer spotted the silver Infiniti Q60 traveling at a high rate of speed along a construction zone on Interstate Highway 69 where workers were present and redirected lanes definitely were reason to enforce a reduced speed limit. Klingkammer clocked him going twice the speed limit and proceeded to pull him over. However, when he got to the window, it’s reported that the driver “asked for a warning.” We don’t know what else happened between the two but this tweet by Indiana State Police claims that the driver “went to jail” instead of recieving the warning he requested.