Does The Battery Life Affect A Tesla's Performance Numbers?

We’ve been seeing more videos on Teslas breaking records and flying down the drag strip. But what happens when those batteries start losing power? Does it lose performance or would it still have the same 0-60 numbers with a half-charged battery as it does with a full battery?

Road and Track looked into it and found a video by Brooks from DragTimes who used a P100D to find out. He used a Racelogic data-logger to measure acceleration with the battery at different levels of charge. He chose to test it at 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent. At 75% and 100% he was able to hit a 2.5 second time. When it dropped to the 25-50% charge range, the runs varied between 2.5-2.7 seconds. After that though, performance drops. With only 10% charge the car disables max-power mode and launch control. The 0-60 time also drops to 3.9 seconds. So at the end of the day, battery charge does play a part in Tesla performance, would you still buy one?