Dodge Dakota Destroyed Trying To Move Mobile Home

There are a lot of videos of people attempting DIY move projects, most of which don’t end well. It’s always best to hire professionals to move certain things because the damage that can be caused to your truck would probably end up being a lot more than it would be if you just hired some movers. In this case however it looks like maybe the guy driving this little Dodge Dakota didn’t really care too much about the damage it caused because it didn’t stop him from moving this mobile home to precisely where he wanted it!

This video is pretty funny just because of the determination the driver of the Dakota has. He definitely wasn’t going to give up until that mobile home was in the exact spot he wanted it to be, even if it meant destroying his truck in the process. Regardless of this being a good idea or not, it’s actually pretty impressive that this Dodge Dakota was able to move a large mobile home by itself, even though it was nearly bent in half in the process. What do you think about this video? Have any opinions or thoughts? Let us know in the comments!