Dodge Charger Hellcat Takes On A Ford Mustang GT500 And It Ends Exactly How You’d Expect

Okay, maybe not EXACTLY how you’d expect because the Mopar ends up in the ditch, not the Mustang. But still, a street race ending with a car in a ditch is still pretty predictable.

When the drivers of the Hellcat and GT500 came across each other naturally, going head to head was a must. A video from a vehicle behind the two caught the whole thing unfold.

The Charger starts to get a little squirrely not long after it gets going and you can see the driver let out of the throttle. After that, it’s all downhill. There appears to be an overcorrection that sends the Charger straight toward the ditch. The driver attempts to brake and make a comeback but it’s just too little too late.

The camera keeps on the Charger driver which proceeds to take out a few traffic signs and send up a tornado of dust. Aside from hurt pride, it’s believed there were no injuries from this little matchup.

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