Dodge Challenger Hellcat Driver Busted Going 110mph Over The Speed Limit On Michigan Freeway

Yes, that means the Hellcat was cruising at 180mph. It’s no secret that speeding has been increasing amid the COVID-19 crisis. With emptier roadways, drivers feel they have more freedom. However, this Ohio driver may have pushed the limit while on a Michigan freeway.

Michigan State Police caught the driver doing 180 mph and the best part is, the driver was completely honest. Although, at those speeds, you can’t really talk your way out of it.

Via MSP. Police have since removed the tweet with the image of the citation from Twitter.

The department Tweeted an image of the ticket that was issued at 11:45 pm on April 19 on a stretch of the Detroit-Toledo Expressway in Monroe County as a warning that although traffic is minimal lately, that is not an invitation to speed.

The driver reportedly owned up to the speeding saying, “My fault. I was speeding with another vehicle. I’m sorry”.

While the exact model of the vehicle wasn’t stated in the original post or citation, the process of elimination narrows down a few Dodge vehicles that are capable of reaching that speed in factory spec. The Drive looked into it and came to the conclusion the vehicle was a Challenger SRT Hellcat.

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