DIY Gone Wrong: Door Mod Comes Up Short

Before DIY (SWNS)

This DIY mechanic could’ve used the reminder “measure twice, cut once”. Unfortunately, his DIY project came up short because he miss-measured a bit.

Everyone has trials and errors, especially when they first start out. Robert Woods of Manchester, U.K., is no exception.

After (SWNS)

After getting his license, he went out and bought a used two-door Peugeot 206 subcompact for $750. There was one issue with the car: the passenger-side door crank window was busted and wouldn’t roll down.


Instead of taking it into the shop, he thought this was a job he could handle and would make his first DIY project. He decided to buy an entire door and install it himself. He found one that matched his red car and then got to work with a friend installing it. Things were going well until they tried to close the door.

“I shut the door after fitting it and started to walk away. But I didn’t hear it click so I turned around. I noticed this massive hole in the side of the car,” Woods told SWNS.

He realized later he mistakenly purchased the front door for a four-door version of the 206, which is the same as the two-door’s, just a few inches shorter which resulted in the gap.

Woods claims the salesman had told him it was the correct one, however instead of returning it, he put the old door with the busted window back on. Soon after, he sold the car altogether.

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