Dirt Track Crash From 1951 Is Fiery And Awesome

Dirt track racing has been an American pass time for a long time. Who doesn’t love the sound of cars flying around in a circle, flinging dirt chunks and the smell of gas everywhere?

Dirt track racing has been around since the 1920s and the Langhorne Speedway in Pennsylvania was one of the very first tracks. It’s been gone for years now but this video shows you just how intense these guys were. The race was in 1951 and surprisingly everybody involved in this wild crash survived.

The initial crash happened going into a turn and since they didn’t have the technology to alert other drivers, nobody knew what was going on so they kept racing – which is how the second, third, and multiple following crashes happened. Talk about a mess and pure luck that everyone was able to walk away from this fiery pileup. Thankfully now, the chances of something of this magnitude happening is heavily reduced.

Do you have a good crash, from a dirt track or other event, that resulted in an epic scenario? We want to see it, send it to us and it we’ll feature it on PowerNation! (Please only send videos with crashes that are not fatal)