Diesel Truck Owner Gets 29 Tickets In ONE Day From HOA

These HOA stories just keep coming, each more ridiculous than the last. Granted, there are two sides to every story and typically we only hear one side – usually the homeowners. But in situations like these HOAs and unhappy neighbors are notorious for making mountains out of molehills.

BERTRAND850 posted his story on YouTube to voice his concern his HOA was out of line. He goes on to tell us just how he received 29 (or $800 worth) citations in a single day.

He was getting his house ready to sell and was building a fence around the backyard. The first citation was due to the fact that his truck was backed up (on his private lawn) and left there for an extended period of time while he unloaded materials.

Several of the citations were being written and stored each time a neighbor called and complained to report an issue with his trailer, truck, or fence. His next plan of action is to get legal guidance.

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