Did This Company Just Solve Hydroplaning By Using Water?

Easyrain Hydroplaning System | Photo Credit: YouTube

When Italdesign isn’t busy creating speed machines like the Nissan GT-R 50, they’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and focusing their efforts on safety. The company has moved toward finding solutions for a common problem affecting drivers globally.

If you’ve driven on a wet road, it’s likely you’ve experienced the sensation of “hydroplaning” at some point or another. Hydroplaning is the cause of tens of thousands of accident each year, and Italdesign has teamed up with Easyrain and Bosch to test a new system that prevents vehicles from losing traction on slippery roadways.

The system known as the Aquaplaning Intelligent System (AIS), created by Easyrain, features software and sensors designed to detect the onset of aquaplaning. When the act occurs, a controlled jet of water is sprayed in front of the wheels. The jet of water breaks up the “excessive layer of water on the asphalt tires cannot dissipate.” When water is pushed out of the way and grip is restored, it allows the vehicle to gain control.

In a side-by-side comparison seen in the video above, the system is shown to improve vehicle performance by an estimated 35 percent in a straight line, and 30 percent when hitting a corner. The current results are promising, and the companies will continue working on the project to keep improving upon these numbers.

Although no official word has been given about when the technology could become standard on vehicles, Easyrain states the system has been designed for use in mainstream vehicles and high-tech cars with autonomous driving technology and electric powertrains. When the technology is released, it will save thousands of lives each year taken by hazardous driving conditions.

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