Denny Hamlin’s Pit Crew Suspended After Tungsten Ballast Bricks Fall Off Car

Things turned dangerous at the Coca-Cola 600 when two bricks used for ballast fell off Denny Hamlin’s car during the pace lap.

Tungsten blocks are installed on the cars to ensure they meet the minimum weight requirements. The blocks are expected to be fully secured for safety, which was the issue in this scenario. The blocks are 35 pounds and run about $1,877 each so it was surprising to see one bouncing down the track.

The sight led to the suspension of three of Hamlin’s team members. Hamlin’s crew chief, Chris Gabehart, car chief Brandon Griffeth, and engineer Scott Simmons will all have to sit out the next four races.

After a lengthy pre-race pit stop, Hamlin missed the first eight laps of the race while the weight was replaced. Hamlin still finished 29th.

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